Elledge Counseling Associates

Counseling II Life is hard.  Sometimes we need a little help.  Sometimes we need someone to listen. Sometimes we need that someone to have the education, training and experience that our pastors, friends, family and church family just don't have.  In those times, we need professional Christian counselors like those at Elledge Counseling Associates. ECA provides affordable, professional Christian counseling for children, teenagers, women and married couples in Ferris and surrounding areas.  They meet in our offices each Tuesday night with appointments at 6pm, 7pm and 8pm.

"At Elledge Counseling Associates our mission is to equip people to make the choices and changes that will lead to the healthy life they desire.  We are a group of trained                 professionals who are distinctively Christian and we believe that as we partner with our   clients great things can happen."

Click here to visit the ECA website or call 972-268-3096 to schedule an appointment.


**We hope to offer this service to men in the near future.  In the meantime, ECA offers Christian counseling for men at their other locations.  You can find more information about those locations by clicking the link above.