Thanks for your interest in knowing a little more about our church!  We are excited about how God is moving here and want you to experience Him move as well!  We are a historic church with a great future!  Not locked into doing things “the way they’ve always been done,” we’re trying to create a unique environment in which the time-honored message of the Gospel and the supremacy of God’s Word are communicated with up-to-date methodology, worship style and practical application so that by His grace and for His glory we might win “our city for Christ!”   If you are ready to explore the next step with our church by joining in membership, these steps are for you!

1. Attend our church regularly enough that you can get a feel of our culture and our values.

2. Sign-up for a New Member’s Class offered regularly throughout the year.

3. Attend the class to learn in more detail who we are, what we believe, and what members commit to each other.

4. Complete and submit the Membership Commitment and service booklet to the church.

5. The church will then votes on all new memberships at it's regular membership meetings.

The only two requirements for membership in our church is salvation and baptism by immersion.  However, as the body of Christ, we make four relational commitments:

1. To show up regularly

2. To serve faithfully

3. To support cheerfully

4. To submit humbly