Our Missionaries

Cross FamilyFirst Baptist participates with the Baptist Missionary Association (BMA) of America, the BMA of Texas and the Dallas County BMA to promote and support missionary activity in various regions of the world.  In addition to budgeted support of these entities, FBC has taken special interest in certain missionaries or mission projects over the years. Currently, we give special attention to a family of missionaries to France.


From our own membership, Mike Cross was elected as a missionary to Scotland in 2009. But as is often the case, it seems God had different plans. When doors of opportunity seemed to close in one place and open in another, Mike, Rachel, Michael, Caleb and Raelyn stepped up, and stepped through the open door. In April 2010 a field change was approved by the Baptist Missionary Association of America, so that the Cross family spent a year in the Asia-Pacific region. They have recently graduated from language school in Paris, France and are working towards planting a church in France.